Blog Ministry

As many you of may have noticed, there have been a lot of changes and updates happening to our blog in the last couple of weeks! We have been trying out a few new things and also trying to be more consistent in letting you know what’s happening in our lives and ministry.

Our goal is to recreate this blog to become an integral part of our ministry. As many of you know, we are missionaries and the life of the missionary feels like a constant state of change. We are hoping that this blog can become a ministry that is a little more consistent and a ministry that can travel with us wherever we go!

How can you help, you say? Well, keep coming back! You are the reason we are doing this! Look the right under the Stay Connected label. Sign up for our blog updates through email! Keep us accountable and we promise to keep up the consistency!

It has been a fun goal to undertake and we are really enjoying learning what it takes to make a great blog and a great ministry tool.

So, we just wanted to say thanks for bearing with us through all of the changes (and there will be more to come)…and-

what are you ideas? Is there anything you would like to see from our blog in the future? Stories you loved that maybe you want to hear more of? Ideas for how we can reach a larger audience? What do you see a blog ministry looking like?

As with anything in ministry, we are giving this prayerful consideration and giving it to God! We are excited to use and share our gifts with you, even across oceans, no matter what continent we find ourselves on!!