Home is where…?

The question of where home is has been heavy on my heart lately. As you know, Chris and I have been living for two years in Germany and will Tuesday morning return to the States. Many people have asked us if we are happy to be going “home”.

Are we happy to see our family and friends?

Are we happy to speak English for a little while?

Are we happy to be going home?

That question is a little trickier. Where is our home? If we mean the building or set of rooms that we own/rent, then we have no home. If we mean the place that we grew up and our parents still live, then that is Texas. If we mean the place that we first lived as a married couple, that is Oklahoma. If we mean the place that we have lived for the past two years, where my husband was born and half his family lives, that is Germany.

Anyone who has moved can attest to the fact that building a new home is something very complicated. You leave something comfortable for something that is unknown, that is foreign. When what is foreign also speaks a different language and boasts a completely different culture, you have reached a whole new level of complicated.

An American friend of ours living in Germany says that she was raised in America but grew up in Germany. After the last two years, we can understand exactly what she means. When you start with nothing, not even words, you grow up really fast. You learn the strength of your own character, you learn your limits, and most importantly, you learn what home truly means.

Home, to me, isn’t a place or a building, but a feeling. It’s the feeling of comfort and safeness. It’s a feeling of being known, loved, and valued. It’s a feeling of friends and family who support you. It’s the feeling I got every time I walked into the church in Germany. It is the same feeling I will get when I see our families waiting for us at the airport tomorrow. It is not limited, thankfully, by time or space. Family is family. And home is home.

So, to answer your questions: We are happy to be going home, but we are sad, in the same breath, to be leaving home.

What is your definition of home? #homeis

6 Things You Don’t Know about Chris and Krista

  1. Chris and Krista met the very first time when they were seventeen. Krista was hosting a birthday party at her house for a friend of hers. Chris arrived with his girlfriend, but only stayed a short time. They exchanged one sentence that day. (Side note: That friend is now their sister-in-law!)

  2. Chris and Krista were best friends before they started dating. They would talk for a few hours almost every Friday night during Chris’ freshman year of college and Krista’s sophomore year. Krista wrote in her journal, after six months of these chats that she saw so many great qualities in Chris that she would really like to have in her future husband!

    First ever picture together!

  3.  Chris and Krista started dating in college (Krista’s junior year, Chris’ sophomore year). Krista lived in California and Chris in Oklahoma. They dated long distance for 2 years!

  4. Krista told Chris after one month of dating that she would be moving to Germany to do the HIM Program after she completed her college degree. If he wasn’t okay with that, then they needed to end the relationship. Chris, a half-German himself, said that he had always wanted to live in Germany, but never thought he could ask anyone to go with him. At that point, they knew God was moving their lives in the same direction.

    Chris and Krista’s first time in Germany together in 2008

  5. Chris told Krista after 4 months of dating that his dream was to be a firefighter and she needed to really considered what it would mean to marry a firefighter. After much research and consideration, she decided he was worth it. After working the night shift their first year of marriage, Chris’ dreams started to change.

    Engagement Photo on an old firetruck

  6. At one point in their relationship, Chris and Krista had a dream of learning a craft and setting up a booth on Venice Beach, as their livelihood. That dream may or may not still be alive.

Our Proposal Story: You make me want to say I do!

Four years ago- the man of my dreams asked me to marry him!

Here’s how it happened, what I consider to be the perfect proposal story:

It was the weekend of my graduation and he along with the rest of my family was flying out for my college graduation.

His original plan was to ask me on the day of graduation, but my mother called him as he was about to board his plane on Friday (the day before graduation) and said, “It has to be today. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.” Considering it was going to be a beach proposal- she didn’t want to take any chances.

Well, this completely threw off the whole plan and yet somehow he managed to pull it off perfectly 🙂 (Side note: I taught a German the phrase “pull it off” today. That is a weird phrase.)

How He asked

We all went the beach as a family. And, even though no one really needs an excuse to go to the beach, the excuse was that we were going to take my cap and gown pictures at the beach before graduation day since it was supposed to rain. Everyone was acting perfectly normal until we arrived at the beach and everyone, except Chris, jumped out of the car and ran down the beach without saying a word. Subtle…I know. I knew something was up, but Chris told me to just wait there for a minute. He went behind the car and changed clothes. (He was in a T-shirt and basketball shorts from the plane ride. With the original plan, he would have already been dressed up for graduation. What a gentleman to think about his clothes!)

We walked down the beach a little ways and sat down in front of the lifeguard stand. Yes, it was Zuma Beach- the Baywatch beach 🙂 And we just so happened to sit down in front of Lifeguard stand #4, which is Chris’ lucky number!

He had somehow retrieved a guitar and proceeded play our song for me. (I’ll Be by Edwin Mccain.) But instead of the last line, he sang, “Won’t you marry me, the love of my life?” I was so emotional (typical) and crying that I didn’t even saying anything. And he was like so…yes?


Of course, it was a yes!! And we were married 13 months later. Being engaged is such a precious time, although 13 months did seem a little long. But everyday I am so thankful that God led me to him. Our story is one that we couldn’t have orchestrated on our own and everyday we have together is such a blessing. More to come on our whole story (well…so far 🙂 )