Some good friends bring a little bit of Germany to us!


Over the past couple of months, we have welcomed visitor after visitor from Germany. Most recently, these guys graced us with their presence:


Last year we all made a trip to Texas together for vacation and had so much, we thought we’d go for round two this year. Although, our full time jobs made the dynamic a little different, this year was still one for the books 🙂

If you ever get the chance to see your hometown/country through the eyes of a foreigner, do it. It will make you see everything in a new and often hilarious way.

Our first adventure started at the lovely Sprinkles cupcake ATM.

We though the ATM was a quirky American thing, and we were right. But we ended up not even getting something from the ATM. There are no cupcakes in Germany (they’re called muffins) and I was having a hard time describing a cupcake and what would be coming out of this weird ATM. So, we decided to go inside and show them a cupcake. When we got inside, a girl came up to us and said,”If you say ‘we the people’, you get a free cupcake.” We stood outside thinking about this for awhile, because I didn’t really believe her. But my dad went in and asked, and even asked, if our guests could say it in German. Turns out, Sprinkles does a password of the day on a regular basis, and you can get different cupcakes or promotions, if you know the password. (So, like them on facebook and get free cupcakes!) We each said in IN ENGLISH and then the server took our order IN GERMAN. It was a great welcome back to America experience and now Diana thinks that America is the land flowing with free cupcakes 🙂



Diana pretending to be Marilyn Monroe.


Ingo checking out the Harley Davidson shop, trying to figure out how to get one of these back to Germany.


Galia and Ingo wanted to see what my dad looked like as a younger man. And so while he wasn’t looking, my mom pulled out their wedding album.


Over the weekend, we visited Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio. Definitely a super cool experience. Chris and I are hoping to go back and cave dive. Anyone else in? (Side note: I obviously took WAY more cave pictures than this. Maybe that will be another post for another day!)


After the caves, we went to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, ate Mexican food, and took a Riverboat ride. Chris and I attempted to translate the whole time, but the tour guide took things a little too fast for us to keep up. So, the Menzels received a sort of abbreviated version of the history of the Riverwalk.


Obligatory Cannons by the cannon photo.

The next morning, we woke up in Austin, checked out the Capitol building and the Menzels ate chicken fried steak for the first time ever.



And our final big adventure was watching the sunset over Dallas at Reunion Tower. It was beautiful and a really good last adventure, before they headed out!






Oh, and we can’t forget our (now we can call it a) tradition of a last meal at BJ’s the night before they fly. This little girl had tears in her eyes, as they boarded the plane and admittedly, so did I! This trip was just a reminder of how thankful we are for all the people that we love on both sides of the ocean and how much we can’t wait to be together again!!