One Word for 2014

You may have noticed a recent movement going around called One Word. The idea is simple, yet powerful. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions that often fall flat or stop after just a few days of trying, the challenge is to choose one word that you will focus on for the entirety of the year. One word that help you focus more on your relationship with God and draw deeper in to your intimacy with him.

Even though I am about a month late, I wanted to share my one word. This word was actually a little surprising to me, because it didn’t feel like a typically “spiritual” word. But, I connected with it and knew it was what I needed to focus on in the coming year. That word is:


I connected with this word on two levels. The first level was that most of the time what people need from you to grow spiritually, to heal, to learn is just to make yourself available. So often, we feel like we need to know a lot of stuff, but most of the time people just need someone to bounce ideas off of, to listen, to work things out with. I want to spend this year making myself available for moments like that in life. It was so easy as a missionary to be available. It was my job. Now, I have another job and lots of other commitments that make me unavailable. This year is learning about becoming available even when it feels like time won’t allow it.

The second level is God’s availability. I want to spend this year remembering that at all times, the power of the Holy Spirit is available to me. During moments of heartache, frustration, and insecurity, God’s strength is available. During moments of happiness and celebration, God’s joy is available to me. And most of all, during moments of uncertainty, God’s peace is available to me. In the places where I am most lacking, God is available to pick up the slack.

All I have to do is remember that truth and call upon it. That’s what I want my 2014 to be.


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