Hello, Birthday \\ Eighth of July

Hello, Birthday! (which also happens to be my favorite day of the year!)

Hello, the number 26! You look like you are going to be a great year!

Hello, lots of loving birthday cards!

Hello, deep reflections of life that always come at times of beginning and ending. This time is especially good for that with so much change happening in our lives.

Hello, candelight dinner with my husband in a fancy hotel in Chemnitz, a way to celebrate not only my birthday but our time in this city!

Chemnitz, Chris and Krista, Candlight Dinner, Birthday Surprise

Hello, love! And new photos to edit from a super fun proposal I got to witness (and photograph) this weekend!

Hello, cookbook deadline!

Hello, bittersweet. We will be spending the week making preparations for our goodbye party this weekend!

More birthday posts to come this week!


  1. Teresa says

    Happy Birthday!!! Did you get the 3 cards from the 5th graders? I’m teaching them this quarter and we made cards for you and Rick Arce (his birthday was yesterday) one Sunday morning. I wanted to have more from the kids that you taught but most of them were missing from class that day… there’s lots of new kids in this class now too! A big group. 🙂

  2. says

    I just wanted to let yo know what I was thinking all day long (on July 8th): Ich denke an Dich! <3 … und proste (Dir mit einem Glas bitter-süßem Tonic) zu: "Alles, Alles Liebe für Dein neues Lebensjahr!"
    Deine Ma-Ma-Ma-rion

  3. Mom says

    Just so you know…..I was thinking about you all day on your birthday too!!! I love the picture from the place you all ate dinner. You are becoming quite the photograph

    • Krista says

      Thanks so much, Mom! But actually, I didn’t take that picture 🙁 I will upload the ones I did take soon though!!

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