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This week, I was featured over at Ren’s Family Blog! Thanks so much for featuring my post about 5 Books You Should Read Immediately!

In honor of being featured, I decided it was about time to put up my review of one of those books that you should be reading immediately. And of course, that book is Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. If you have been talking to me at all in the past few weeks, you have heard about this book.

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Bread and Wine is “a love letter to life around the table.” It is Shauna’s memoir of how her love for food is something that has throughout her life brought people together, helped her family to develop precious friendships and taught them how to serve the people they love. Its broken up in to short stories that are memories of how food and gathering around the table has truly affected her life. And as a bonus every story comes with a fantastic recipe like this Blueberry Crisp:

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In the beginning of Bread and Wine, Shauna writes about a common conversation between musicians who sit around discussing songs they love wishing they were their own. I couldn’t help but think that’s exactly how I feel about Bread and Wine. This book is the book that I wish I had written and it is one I will be reading over and over again. Shauna’s writing is beautiful, emotional and captivates you from page one like a conversation with a good friend over coffee. Although the book is filled with real life stories about her struggles and problems, its also filled with romantic stories of deep friendships, cooking clubs, and of course, the ultimate message, of coming together around the table.

The title Bread and Wine comes from the most important table gathering, which is when we gather around the communion table and take the bread and wine in remembrance of Christ. This is an importance message throughout the book reminding us not only of our weakness as humans and need for food, as we need Christ, but also the opposite. We, as humans, cannot only live on food but we thrive on the Word of God, our relationship with Him and our relationship with others. And that is ultimately what gathering around the table is about.  So, now pick up your copy of Bread and Wine and follow Shauna’s advice:

This is what I want you to do: I want you to tell someone you love them, and dinner’s at six. I want you to throw open your front door and welcome the people you love into the inevitable mess with hugs and laughter.

Gather the people you love around your table and feed them with love and honesty and creativity, because there will be a day when it all falls apart.

These are things I can’t change. Not one of them. Can’t fix, can’t heal, can’t put the broken pieces back together. But what I can do is offer myself, wholehearted and present, to walk with the people I love through the fear and the mess. That’s all any of us can do. That’s what we’re here for.


Who are you going to invite to gather around your table?


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    I was thrilled to feature you! Thank you for your posts and your continued presence at The Family Blog! I’m really interested in this book! “This book is the book that I wish I had written” I totally “get this” feeling. For me the table is coffee chats with good friends and dinner with the family. I love the uniting that food and “the table” do! Thanks for sharing!

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    You are probably the fifth person to recommend this book to me. I absolutely must find a way to get it to Malaysia! It looks fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing this with Booknificent Thursday last week. Hope to see you again this week!

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