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In German, if you want to say that something is hurting, such as, “My stomach hurts”, you would say, “Mein Bauch tut weh.”

wehtun= an ache

Fern= far away

Fernweh is the German word for wanderlust and literally means an ache for far away places. Let me just say, I have always had a bad case of Fernweh. This series will be about all the places we have been blessed to live or travel to in our life- some well-known and some a little more obscure, but each unique and always worth the trip!


Also, a great excuse to share my photography!!

Here are some places to look forward to:

Los Angeles

Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

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  1. Chris and Krista met the very first time when they were seventeen. Krista was hosting a birthday party at her house for a friend of hers. Chris arrived with his girlfriend, but only stayed a short time. They exchanged one sentence that day. (Side note: That friend is now their sister-in-law!)

  2. Chris and Krista were best friends before they started dating. They would talk for a few hours almost every Friday night during Chris’ freshman year of college and Krista’s sophomore year. Krista wrote in her journal, after six months of these chats that she saw so many great qualities in Chris that she would really like to have in her future husband!

    First ever picture together!

  3.  Chris and Krista started dating in college (Krista’s junior year, Chris’ sophomore year). Krista lived in California and Chris in Oklahoma. They dated long distance for 2 years!

  4. Krista told Chris after one month of dating that she would be moving to Germany to do the HIM Program after she completed her college degree. If he wasn’t okay with that, then they needed to end the relationship. Chris, a half-German himself, said that he had always wanted to live in Germany, but never thought he could ask anyone to go with him. At that point, they knew God was moving their lives in the same direction.

    Chris and Krista’s first time in Germany together in 2008

  5. Chris told Krista after 4 months of dating that his dream was to be a firefighter and she needed to really considered what it would mean to marry a firefighter. After much research and consideration, she decided he was worth it. After working the night shift their first year of marriage, Chris’ dreams started to change.

    Engagement Photo on an old firetruck

  6. At one point in their relationship, Chris and Krista had a dream of learning a craft and setting up a booth on Venice Beach, as their livelihood. That dream may or may not still be alive.

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Last week, I posted about our current journey waiting on God.

Turns out, that there many of you that have experience with this or currently experiencing it! In this post, I featured Isaiah 40:31, which is one of my favorite verses. Because of the popularity of the verse, I decided to make a free printable for you with that verse! Feel free to print it out and put it anywhere that it can give you some encouragement!



What’s your favorite verse of encouragement when you are waiting on the Lord?

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