Leipzig- The Amazing Race

On Monday, we spent the day in Leipzig hosting the second annual Leipzig Amazing Race!

As huge Amazing Race fans, we were honored to be hosting such a prestigious event. Last year, we joined the race for the first time as racers. This year we were able to the race from the other side!

The Leipzig Amazing Race was created by the missionaries in Leipzig as a fun and creative way to orient their Let’s Start Talking teams with the city.

Tasks must be completed in various locations throughout the city such as, the train station or the post office. The idea is that the tasks would also help the newbies gain more confidence in their new surroundings. Last year, this goal was explained but the competition got a little fierce between the Leipzig missionaries! So, this year, Chris and I created a few more rules to keep the Leipzigers from completing all the tasks and giving the interns more of a chance to lead the race.

Here is an example of a clue:

Clue #9:

We have been waiting so long for “SPRING”When it comes, you’ll see. We will JUMP for joy and even sing.

Answer: Trampoline in the city

Task: Take turns jumping on the trampoline and take pictures!


We started out with a clue, in which they had to figure out a specific location. Once they found that location, then we gave them a task the had to be completed. Tasks included things like printing off train schedules, finding out costs of postage, and even learning a few German words! They visited places that would be important to daily life, such as the bakery or the grocery store, but we also included places that are important to the history of the city, such as Bach’s grave. Both teams were extremely competitive and ended up finishing the race with a time difference of less than a minute! And I am happy to say that the ladies took home the prize this year! It was well deserved and I do think they enjoyed every minute of their ice cream prize!

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    • Krista says

      Thanks Iris! It was so much to make and to do. I am going to try a post about how to make your own Amazing Race!! We will see how it goes 🙂

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