Kindertag (Kid’s Day)

These specific flags in this color scheme were put up in the GDR times to signify there was a party going on!!


Since we had some many wonderful visitors from the U.S. this summer, including some former HIM Workers, we decided to host a mini-VBS or Kindertag! It was for one day and we learned to story of Jonah. We were happy to get to use the ideas from the VBS we participated in last year in Bremen.

The kids arrived and participated in some great singing!

April and Karen leading singing. We sang mostly in German and a little in English for Heidi!

They were split up into two groups- the older kids and the younger kids.

The younger kids were the first ones to get to meet Jonah and hear his story firsthand! They even got to see what it was like to sit in the belly of a whale! What an experience 🙂

Jonah is sad because the kids said his house stunk and they didn’t want to come in 🙁 It did smell like raw fish!

Then the kids had a skit teaching them the story of Jonah led by some of church members, some of our youth, and our EFG team!

Following the skit, the kids were split up again into groups participating in games and of course, crafts!

You know, that I couldn’t resist face painting!

It seems like some other people couldn’t resist either…


We had 12 kids in all, and even a few visitors! The kids had a great time studying God’s Word and bonding with one another. And as it always happens, we set out to teach the children, but they end up teaching us even more. We were reminded of the simplicity of following God and being careful to do His will. It’s as simple as that!


I played too hard today!



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  1. Teresa says

    Awww, poor Jonah in the stinky fish! He does look so sad. I’m glad you got to do a VBS. I remember you talking about this in your newsletter prayer requests. What a blessing. It looks like a great time by all, especially the “big kids” 🙂

    • Krista says

      Thanks so much! It was a really fun time and we were really pleased with the turn out. I hope Chemnitz can keep this up and even maybe make it more than one day in coming years!

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