Yellow Fields and a free download

I have a very particular view of what Heaven will be like. Chris says my view of Heaven can’t really exist, because it includes the ocean, and the snowy mountains, and the yellow fields. So, maybe my view of Heaven is really what I already have- just without disease and tears and pain. Nothing but the warm sunshine, hot chocolate, and the view of dolphins playing in the distance.

If you read my Germany Bucket List , you now know that Item #1 is officially complete! Here are the pictures:



But, I didn’t set out to just take a picture of the yellow fields. My goal was to take the perfect picture of the yellow fields. And I succeeded! This in my opinion is the perfect picture of the yellow fields and my idea of Heaven:



By request, I also created a downloadable desktop background of one of my favorite pictures of the yellow fields. Enjoy!



Yellow Fields Desktop Background


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  1. Teresa says

    Beautiful! I like your idea of heaven too. I think it’s quite possibly true that heaven will look different to each of us.


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