Waiting on God


What a lovely, ugly word. It’s a virtue. It’s a fruit of the Spirit. It’s important. And often, it is the bane of my existence.

In a world of instant coffee, news, and information, we don’t often have to wait on anything. Living in Germany, Chris and I learned the meaning of patience waiting for the next tram or bus. Ten minutes of standing there.

Just waiting.

We thought we were going to die.

Then, we got more and more used to it. We enjoyed those moments of pause in the day, when we could stop and smell the roses. (Literally. There are flowers by our tram stop.)

Little test of patience in life are sometimes troublesome, but often quickly overcome. Then, there are the big, huge, in your face tests of patience.

As many of you know, Chris and I are making quite a big, life-changing decision right now. We have sought all the advice of every person willing to give it. (There were many.) We considered all the evidence. And, then, we got on our knees and banged on the door of Heaven. We prayed our hearts out. We prayed and prayed and begged and prayed. And do you know what we heard:

Wait on Me.

Over and over again. Wait on Me.

I would start prayer like- But, God, we need an answer. But, God, this. But, God, what about that?

Every time the answer was the same- Wait on Me.

Patience. God was asking me to have patience and wait on His timing. The audacity. Doesn’t He know how valuable my time is? Doesn’t He know that I have to make plans? And even more so, there are more people involved in this decision than just me! Doesn’t  He know those people need an answer?

But in my heart, I knew. It wasn’t their decision. It wasn’t my decision. It was His decision. He knew the next step to take, when we were supposed to take it, and where it would lead us. And more importantly, He knew when He should tell us.

So, we waited. We told the voices of the world to be quiet. We told everyone that this decision was not about us, but something bigger than us. And we waited. And waited. The voices were not silent. They tried to be encouraging, then became critical, then became frustrated, then became critical again.

Then, for just a moment, we let doubt creep in. It was only for a little, tiny second.

It was enough.

“….and do not give the devil a foothold.”  Ephesians 4:27

The devil had a foothold and doubt turned into stress. Stress turned into depression. And depression infected us.

But, we kept praying. Soon, the depression lifted and can you guess what happened?

God was faithful.

We don’t have all the answers and we still don’t know for sure everything the future holds. But, He is opening doors in places that we could have never opened them ourselves. He is revealing things to us that we know are direction from Him. He is confirming our diligence in making a wise decision and waiting on His counsel. He’s coming through.

And we are looking back thinking- how could we have ever doubted?

He is so worth the wait.

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31


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  1. Teresa says

    really enjoyed this post. so well written… and true! I’m a constant “work in progress” when it comes to being patient and don’t always give God the chance to show me something better… I guess that’s all part of our learning to let go so we can let Him. I’m excited to hear some unexpected doors are opening and pray for continued patience as he “takes His time” revealing the rest… 🙂

    • Krista says

      Thanks Teresa! Yes, it definitely isn’t easy. And it isn’t what the world wants us to do. Unfortunately, it even looks a little crazy sometimes.

  2. says

    I have been memorizing Psalm 40 this year…
    “I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire. He set my feet upon a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD.” Ps. 40:1-3
    Good things happen when we wait on the LORD!
    May HE strengthen your heart as you wait.

  3. says

    Waiting is the hardest thing…..but if we wait on God it is SUCH a great blessing. Right now I am in a situation of “waiting” too. Thank you for the reminder!


    PS: I am from Heidelberg, Germany and my boyfriend is from the US! ☺

    • Krista says

      Hallo Iris! Es freut mich dich kennen zu lernen! Danke für deine Besuch auf meinem Blog! Mein Mann und ich war nicht in der gleichen Staat am Anfang unsere Bezeihung. Für zwei Jahren, habe ich in Californien gewohnt und er war in Oklahoma. Ich denke, dass du und ich einander gut verstehen können!! Aber am Ende, es hat sich gelohnt, nicht war? Ich habe auch dein Blog besucht und gesehen, dass er jetzt in Deutschland ist! Das freut mich so sehr für euch! Ich hoffe dass wir mehr über unseren ‘no longer long distance’ Beziehungen teilen können!

  4. says

    Oh, I can completely relate to you! We are in a middle of a transition waiting for the Lord to show us what’s next, and it is SO hard to wait. It takes a lot of faith to be patient hopeful, but I know He will give us an answer and it will be the right one.

    • Krista says

      Hi Colleen, thanks for visiting our blog! It is so hard to wait, but I agree. I want His answer, not mine, because I know in the end it will be so much better!

  5. says

    Great post…”In a world of instant coffee, news, and information, we don’t often have to wait on anything” is such a great intro to this subject, isn’t it. We have become so impatient, even in spiritual things (especially in spiritual things?).
    I can identify with some of your experiences having lived in Germany for 3 years (loved it!) and in Budapest, Hungary for 5 (loved that too).
    I’d love to have you come and share this at my new blog party (TGIF @ Bible Love Notes. com)

    • Krista says

      Hi Gail! Thanks for the compliment! I would love to share at BibleLoveNotes.com! Thanks for letting me know about it. Also, how cool that you lived in Germany and Budapest. What were you doing there?

      • says

        Thanks for linking up, Krista. We lived in Mainz, Germany in 1979-1981 because my husband was in the military. Then in 2004-2009 we did Christian work in Budapest. And we return to Budapest every year for 3 months to continue that work even though we are semi-retired now.

        • Krista says

          Wow! How great! We know a family that does the same thing in Sofia, Bulgaria. I imagine that it is really hard work and it is very inspiring to me!

    • Krista says

      Hi Heather! Thank you for visiting and commenting! I’m glad this was an encouragement to you!

  6. says

    Wait patiently = both words are not welcome at times. I have found waiting before I speak is a good thing, and usually God gives me a script to follow and it turns out fine. Patiently is that word we don’t want to learn by trial and error. I think I am getting better with both lately.

    • Krista says

      Hi Hazel! Would you believe that my grandmother’s name is Hazel Irene? Her mother was Irene and her Aunt was Hazel! Thanks for stopping by. Good point about waiting to speak. I hadn’t even thought of it in that context. I find that true, as well, that He gives us the right words, if we just wait for them!

  7. says

    A post after my own heart 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link at my blog. I hear you when you talk about “banging on the doors of heaven” : ) Oh what a spectate I make, and how patient God is with me. He sees the end from the beginning and am glad He loves me the way He does.

    • Krista says

      Hi Ngina! Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate the reminder about God being patient with us. I guess with how patient He is with us all the time, we can wait on Him, too 😉

  8. says

    What a great post . . . we do always seem to give up just before the finish line. Excited for you now that doors are opening! God Bless and thanks for linking up to Thrilling Thursdays!

  9. says

    Such a wonderful message & post – Thank you! I’m stopping by from Faith Filled Friday blog hop.
    Thanks again
    PS – I would like to invite you to join in on 2 blog hops going on right now on my blog – The first one I am co-hosting (Aloha Friday) and the other one is called “The Great Blog Train” (just arrow down to find that one) – I hope that you can join us! God bless!

    • Krista says

      Thanks Angie for stopping by, for the compliment, and for the invitation to your blog hops!! I went ahead and added my link!

    • Krista says

      Hi Pam, so glad you are encouraged by this. I know how hard it can be especially in the situation of looking for work. I guess in the economy right now, a lot of people are probably hearing this same message! Keep waiting! He has something great planned!

  10. says

    We truly live in an instant, drive-thru world where it is hard to slow down and WAIT. Especially to Wait on God! His timing is never our timing! His ways never our ways! Thanks for sharing this post and for linking up with me!

  11. says

    Krista, waiting is so hard! I love your beautifully-written post and need to meditate on the verses you recommend. Thanks for the inspiration today! Kim (fellow AWI volunteer)


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