Germany Bucket List- Updated May 27, 2013!


Yes, I know that Bucket List makes it sound like someone is dying.  But no one is dying, although we are coming to the end of a life. And that is the end of our life as HIM Workers.

Stop! Don’t ask what the future holds! We are praying for God’s wisdom in that everyday! And we ask that you pray, too.

But the reality of the situation is that at the end of August, we will no longer be HIM Workers. Our dream will be…completed! There is nothing like the feeling of having a dream, setting a goal, and living it. It happened. We did it. God call us to Germany. We went.

We did it.

We will be HIM alum…

So, enough with the reminiscing! The point is that we are trying really hard not to get sad! But instead to be happy about this wonderful experience that we’ve had. I am sure you can expect some great posts from us in the future of reflections on our time as HIMers. How we have grown, what we have learned, what God had done in our lives through this experience, what God has done in Chemnitz through this experience, etc.

But for now, a bucket list. Instead of feeling like our time as HIMers is over and feeling sad about it for the next 4 months, we have decided to create a Bucket List! That’s right. Things that if we were to never, ever to step foot in Germany again (not going to happen, just if!), what would we absolutely want to do in the next four months. So, here’s the start of my (Krista’s) list.

Germany Bucket List (Part 1)

1. Take the perfect picture of the yellow fields – Completed!

Chemnitz stands at the bottom of the Erzgebirge (The Ore Mountains). When drive up into these mountains, around this time of year, all you can see is a sea of yellow. Breathtaking doesn’t describe beauty of the fields of rapeseed (which is used to make canola oil). Last year, I was in awe but only was able to take a picture while riding in the car one day. It was okay but didn’t truly convey the beauty of these fields. My goal this time is to take a picture that shows the true awesomeness of the sight!

2. Finish a novel in German

I have started many a novel in German, but let’s be honest. It takes so much effort to read in another language- no matter how much it helps your language skills! However, I am resolved to finish one novel (even a kid’s novel) before August!

3. Bike tour around Chemnitz

Our original goal was to do a Bike Tour down the Elbe this year. With everything as it is, it doesn’t seem like time or resources are going to allow for that. While that is still on our lifetime bucket list, for our Germany bucket list, we have decided to take a bike tour around Chemnitz. We recently found out that there is a path that circles the city and we intend to ride it before August!

4. Go to Saxony Switzerland

Saxony Switzerland is a beautiful mountain range on the Saxony/ Czech Republic border. It is a popular place for “locals” to go hiking and camping. I went once when I was here in 2007 and I have wanted to take Chris there ever since we arrived. It is only a 2 hour train ride from us, but we haven’t been able to find the time..until now.

5. Sit in a cafe all day

I know this one may sound a little silly and I honestly can’t remember where the idea originated from. Maybe its from the romance of European cafes. Think about it. When you imagine Europe, don’t you just imagine people riding their bikes around, wearing scarves, and sitting in cafes drinking coffee all day long. Our dream has been to spend one whole day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same cafe- reading, drinking coffee, and inviting a different friend to every meal. That’s not really what people do in Europe, of course, but why not live the dream?

Staying focused on Today

Our goal with this list is to help us focus on the opportunities we have for the next four months. Instead of spending four months saying goodbye, we want to spend the time enjoying life as it is. We want to enjoy the friendships, the activities, and the experiences instead of constantly thinking about how everything is going to be so different in four months. It will be. But we can wait until then to be sad. For now, we are celebrating this German life 🙂

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Matthew 6: 34

Deshalb sorgt euch nicht um morgen — der nächste Tag wird für sich selber sorgen! Matthaeus 6, 34

What’s on your bucket list?!


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