Bettdecken für Bulgarien (Blankets for Bulgaria Service Project)

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

Der König wird ihnen dann antworten: “Das will ich euch sagen. Was ihr für einen meiner geringsten Brüder getan habt, das habt ihr für mich getan!” Mattheus 25:40

Every year, members of Gemeinde Christi-Chemnitz drive nearly 1000 miles to deliver warm winter clothing to the Church of Christ in Sofia, Bulgaria. Last year, between 85-100 people from the Church and surrounding Sofia received jackets, coats, pants, shoes and blankets all given by Church members in Germany and Switzerland. Of all the items collected, blankets are in short supply and always an item that is needed. Out of this need and a desire to teach service the children and youth of our church, Krista instituted a new service project–

“Bettdecken für Bulgarien” (Blankets for Bulgaria)

On April 28, the children of our church along with their parents gathered together to cut, tie, and sew fleece blankets to be given to each family in next year’s clothing drive.

The blankets are very simple and a great project for kids. We simply laid two pieces of fleece measured at 2.5 yards x 2.5 yards on top of each other. We cut out the corners using 5 in x 5 in cardboard squares as our sample. Then, we cut 1 inch strips all the way around the pieces of fleece. After cutting, we went back around and tied the strips from the bottom layer together with the strips of the top layer. Then, a pocket was sewn onto each blanket that will hold a Bulgarian Bible that will also be given to each family.

Together the children made a total of six blankets. The kids loved the outcome of the blankets and the parents loved the creativity of the project. And we know, this will be something to make our contacts in Bulgaria feel extra special, and stay extra warm this winter!



Our goal with this project was to get the children of our church directly involved with a ministry that their parents are already involved in and to teach our kids the importance of service.

Watching the energy and excitement of these kids was infectious and a good reminder of what childlike faith looks like and how much fun it is serving others! We hope this project can be just the beginning of many service projects to come for our kids in the church in Chemnitz.


A special thanks to Alameda Church of Christ and WEEM (Women for Eastern European Missions) for providing the resources needed to make this project a success. Thanks also to the kids and parents who spent their Saturday morning making blankets with us.

We will be delivering the blankets made by our kids and by women associated with WEEM to Bulgaria in November of this year.


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