Finding My Gifts: Photography


Photography is an expensive hobby,

…or job for those that choose to take it on. About 3 years ago, I finally decided that I wanted to pursue photography further than my point and shoot and finally purchase a DSLR! But I knew it would take time to save up for it. So, I spent that time researching and researching and picking out the perfect camera. I finally had saved up enough money, after 2 years. One would think that I would have been elated. Instead, I decided not to purchase on. I couldn’t spend that kind of money! That was way to frivolous. So, the money just sat in the bank account for nearly another year. We weren’t going to spend it on anything else because that was my camera money. But I refused to spend it on a camera. Until one day, my very supportive husband dragged me to the store and said, “Do it!” So, I did it. But, I knew it would just have to be a hobby and I couldn’t spend more money on it.

And yet, since that day that I made what I considered to be a very “selfish” purchase, God has opened the door to so many ministry opportunities through my passion for photography. This last week,  I just had the honor of photographing my first wedding for some friends we know through the church in Leipzig. Next week, we will be using my photography as a fundraiser for our new church building! It has been really amazing to see how God has developed this passion and continues to develop this skill that has been a blessing to me and so many others!

I love knowing that He knows me so well and wants me to learn my gifts and use them to serve Him. He gives me the passion and then makes opportunities available for that passion to be used. I can’t wait to see where this road leads and in the mean time, I will continuing enjoy the gift!

Here is an artistically edited shot from the wedding! Hopefully, more to come soon!








  1. Teresa says

    pretty shot!! My graphic design stuff can get pretty expensive too and I’ve resisted spending that kind of money as well… but when you get to use it to bless others, it sure is fun!

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