Kid Sport Day!

The 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, we as a church family get together and play! As you can imagine, this is one of Chris’ favorite things and he quickly became “in charge” of organizing sport. Shortly after he took over sport, he teamed up with a good friend of ours from the church, Harald.

After spending a few months watching the dynamic of our sport days and talking to people in the church, Chris and Harald realized a need and revamped sport. So now, one Sunday in the month, adults get together and play volleyball and one Sunday in the month we have Kid Sport!! At first, the change didn’t really take, and the men weren’t sure if it would really work or if we should go back to the way things were. But, they were having so much fun with it, had so many great ideas, and so their trusty wives encouraged them to keep going and give it time. Well, it was worth it because we are proud to say that we had TWELVE kids at Kid Sport today! It was a complete blast. The men had come up with a program called “Spring Games” and the kids didn’t stop moving for nearly 2 hours!



One of my favorite games was decorating the Easter Tree. In Germany, the tradition at Easter is to have a tree (without leaves) that is decorated with hanging eggs, outside and/or inside. The kids had to run the length of the gym pick up one egg and then hang it on their tree. Whoever had the most eggs on their tree at the end won!


And at the end of the day, we always have a small devotional that has to do with something learned during the day or maybe the season, etc. Today, Chris led the devotional and told the Tale of the Three Trees.


And fun was had by all! We are so happy that Kid Sport Day is becoming such a success! Our prayer is that it will bring the kids in our church closer together and give them something to which friends can be invited!


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