Date of the Month Club

Don’t you just love “Of the Month” Clubs? I do. And I wish that I could join every single one. Even the little kid ones where you get a craft box each month or children’s toys. However, they do require quite the monetary commitment and really aren’t a thing here in Germany. So, based on various ideas gleaned from Pinterest, this year for Valentine’s Day (a few days late!), I gave Chris an exclusive membership to the Date of the Month Club! One of the best parts of what we do is that we are able to work together. One of the hardest parts of working together is that it feels like we are constantly working or talking about work and we so often forget just to have fun together! So, hopefully, having a fun, already planned date night each month will help in that area! And I will post each month what our date night is, how I pulled it off, and how it went! So, how does Date of the Month Club work exactly?

I got the inspiration for all of this from here

Love Actually: Date of the Month Club

I presented Chris with an introduction card and then these two cards:



With the list of dates in hand, he had to choose which months he wants the dates and the rest is up to me! I also created a bunch of coupon cards for him, as well, like the ones you see on the Love, Actually website!  I searched through a bunch of different blogs, trying to come up with some unique and inexpensive date ideas. When naming them,  I tried to make the dates fairly obscure, so that he would maybe have an idea, but still be surprised! So, first up is “Art is in the Eye of the Beholder” for March! We will let you know how it goes!


  1. Teresa says

    This is so creative!! love it! I may just have to try this with Matt, after I hear some more about the dates… i need ideas! 🙂

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