German Culture: Healthcare, Part 2

As you may remember from a Top 3 best places to buy zanaflex in Dallas, Chris and I have spent both of our Januaries in Germany exploring the wisdom and nuances of German healthcare. From differences in Pharmacies to homeopathic methods, we have learned a very different way of viewing health. As flu season is upon us, I thought I would share a little more wisdom from across the pond, at how to keep yourself from getting sick this winter. It’s quite simple actually and could even help you improve your winter fashion. All German healthcare, I believe, can be summed up in two small pieces of advice that you would hear from any and all German Grandmas.

Keep the back of your neck and your kidneys warm.

Oh, really? That’s all I have to do? You first reaction to this was probably a lot like mine. Keep my kidneys warm? How does one go about keeping their kidneys warm?! Wear a tank top or undershirt and tuck it in. After all, keeping your kidneys warm means avoiding a draft and that’s the simple way to keep the draft off your kidneys. As far as your neck, wear a scarf, two if you must. With those two simple things you can fight off that biting cold feeling you get from walking outside on a below freezing kind of day and help yourself fight getting that nasty flu or an infection. Don’t knock it until you try it. I was a skeptic at first and now I am true believer, along with all those German Grandmas.


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