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Each year, the churches in German-speaking Europe host a wonderful retreat for the men and women of Austria, Switzerland and of course, Germany. Last year, we attended the German-speaking retreat after only being in country for 3 weeks. It was overwhelming to say the least, but nevertheless, incredibly encouraging. It helped us to see that we are part of God’s greater plan for Europe and showed us the brotherhood/sisterhood we had in all of the Churches of Christ here. We couldn’t wait to go back and see our brothers and sisters and deepen our relationships with them. This year, the retreats fell on the same week, so they were a little smaller than normal. We had a great time, as well, meeting our fellow HIM Workers, Will and Holly Kooi, who are working in Vienna.

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This year, our theme at the Women’s Retreat was Thankfulness. We talked about how to be thankful in all areas of our lives. Mostly, I was thankful this week that I could understand everything that was going on! It was a great mile marker for Chris and I, since last year we could understand next to nothing. We felt so confident this year that we could see how much our German has actually improved. Although we still have a long way to go, we were happy for the confidence booster!

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