Skiing in Austria

So many of you may have been wondering why we haven’t been posting photos of our glorious travels throughout Europe. I mean, we live in Europe, right?! Well, the truth is that we haven’t had glorious travels throughout Europe because we have been spending all of our time with the fabulous people of Chemnitz (okay and Dresden and Leipzig a little too)!! And been loving every minute! However, my parents did visit recently and on their Bucket List just happened to be skiing in the Alps. I can’t say that Chris and I were opposed. Originally, we had planned to going skiing at a local ski resort for a couple of days while they were here. But it seemed, as soon as they got here, the Alps were calling their names. It just so happened Chris and I got to go along for the ride!!! So here are some pictures from our big adventure. Yeah. We skiied the Alps. Check that off the Bucket List.

We went to Wilder Kaiser, Austria which is a huge beautiful ski resort. But we found out quickly that you don’t actually ski on Wilder Kaiser. That mountain you just look at.


My dad and Chris on the Rope Lift. This was Chris’ first time to ski. So, my dad took on the role of ski instructor. By the end of Day 3, we were all very impressed!

Our fantastic, very last minute Bed and Breakfast!! Pension Franglhof. Highly recommended.